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OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY - Advanced 3D Retinal Scan. Detects preventable sight loss sooner. Advised for people who have a family history of glaucoma, age related macula degeneration, or sight loss.

Why should you get an OCT?

  • Quick, painless, easy to do through small pupils.
  • Just look at a light and don’t blink for a moment.
  • A highly detailed scan of the back of the eye, like an MRI.
  • This shows you what is happening at the back of your eye and if we can compare through scans from test to test this can show slight changes which could indicate a problem.
  • Great for detecting diseases such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Diabetic maculopathy.
  • 50% of blindness is preventable
  • Risk increases with age

What is OCT?

Optical Coherence Tomography uses near infra-red laser to give a 3D scan of the back of the eye. As it penetrates through the different layers of the retina the laser is reflected back at each layer, showing not only the surface but also the thickness of the structures. Similar to sonar or ultrasound it collates the information into a 3D scan akin to a MRI or CT scan.

What are the benefits?

The instrument is excellent at measuring and monitoring the Macular. It also measures the thickness of the retinal nerve fibre layer which are affected around the optic disc in Glaucoma (this is then compared to an average for age, gender and ethnicity). Everyone can have greater reassurance from a more in-depth examination. The two main areas where we see benefits are to people with, or likely to develop, Macular Degeneration (mainly people aged 60 or over) and those with a family history of Glaucoma or high pressures in their eyes. Diabetics can be monitored and compared more accurately, which is very beneficial in the long term.

Do I need to have an OCT scan?

When checking the health of your eye the more information we have the better the quality our decisions will be. This procedure gives us far more information to make a decision now, and improves our ability to compare and notice very subtle changes in the years to come.

What does OCT cost?

The OCT scan is an additional test and is not part of a standard NHS eye test. Should you choose to have the scan it would be performed after your standard eye test. The cost is £25.00. For more information on OCT scans and to book an appointment please ring our Thornaby practice on Tel. 01642 751048

Advanced Eye Examinations £50.00

Goldmann OCT, Retinal Photos, IOPs, Visual Fields. 40min appointment.
Retinal Photos allow a much more comprehensive examination of the retina and optic disc. In addition at the Thornaby Practice OCT scans are taken.