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At Mellis Eyecare, due to the excellent optical quality and finish, we highly recommend lenses from Hoya.

Thinner Lenses

Thinner is better

Hoya's lens materials are aesthetically attractive, comfortable to wear and are manufactured using the most advanced production methods. As spectacle wearers have become increasingly more discerning, the need for traditional, glass ophthalmic lenses has declined. Consumers now expect thinner, lighter and more comfortable lenses, with the highest optical clarity and strength Hoya has a full range of high index plastic lens materials that offer individual advantages and benefits to each wearer.

New consumers; New challenges

High index plastic lens materials have numerous advantages, so it is not surprising that Hoya’s product range includes a wide variety of these types of materials. In addition to having excellent optical qualities, each of them is inherently lightweight, thin and scratch-resistant. Combined with fashionable frames, functional tints and various top coatings (developed in-house), Hoya has succeeded in perfecting these properties even further; creating a complete lens solution that exceeds the increasingly high demands from consumers.

Hoya's plastic lens solutions
  • Eyvia 1.74: the thinnest plastic material from Hoya
  • Eynoa 1.67: Hoya’s premium plastic lens material, very suitable for rimless frames
  • Eyas 1.60: a versatile and thin plastic lens material
  • PNX 1.53: the quality plastic lens material that can stand a knock or two
  • Plastic 1.50: the standard lens material

Photochromatic Lenses

Hoya Sensity

Variable tint

  • Sensity lenses give you comfortable vision in all light circumstances
  • Sensity performs consistently across different climates, regions and weather circumstances
  • They darken outdoors at the speed of light to a category 3 sun lens
  • And fade back quickly to an exceptionally clear lens indoors
  • Sensity offers 100% protection against UV-A and UV-B rays
  • Sensity is available in 2 colours: Bronze Brown and Silver Grey

Excellent Varifocal Designs